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Competitive RFP leads to reduced cost for elevator maintenance and upgrades for NYC surgery center.


1 %
savings on service & upgrade
contract "pitfalls" removed
Inspection Citations Resolved
"There is no greater win for our building than identifying and eliminating cost and risk while making the correct decision long term. Especially when it comes to something as critical as our elevators. The results speak for themselves; our partnership with ElevatorLab reduced costs and gave us confidence for ongoing elevator reliability and compliance.”
Roman Rayham, MD
Head of RR Plastix - NYC Surgery Center


RR Plastix has multiple surgery centers throughout New York City. With their success from state of the art treatments, they expanded operations to a building with multiple elevators. The elevators required maximum reliability to support the 24/7 medical operation.

RR Plastics partnered with ElevatorLab to help with a bid for maintenance and code upgrades. ​


PR Plastix received multiple elevator maintenance contract bids.  Each bid was different in terms of scope, and all bids included language which increased risk and costs. The different contracts and costly details made selecting a service provider difficult.  In addition, a costly elevator code change was just announced in NYC.   

Project Goals

  • Avoid a contract with hidden costs and exclusions
  • Understand the price and scope differences for a true comparison
  • Select the best service provider to maintain multiple elevator types
  • Reduce cost


ElevatorLab organized a formal RFP and applied contract review techniques to expose multiple forms of hidden costs. By quantifying the costs of contract exclusions and differences in scope, the bids were organized in an equal format for easy comparison and review of service capabilities on specific equipment types.  The costly exclusions were negotiated, and a final selection was made for both maintenance and code upgrades.

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