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Simple tools for smarter elevator decisions.  Quick, efficient, and free for unlimited use. 

Free Elevator Tools

Maintenance Cost Calcualtor

Find out what you should pay for elevator service.  

  • Based on your elevator type
  • Based on your location and local labor costs
  • Based on the level of service you prefer

Maintenance Contract Builder

Build an elevator service contract customized to your building and needs. 

  • A contract built to favor your building
  • Based on your local elevator codes
  • Based on your equipment and needs

Elevator Useful Life Calculator

Find out how much longer your elevator will last. 

  • Based on age, usage, and type
  • Based on level of maintenance
  • Based on history of equipment

Elevator Door Lock Monitoring Cost Calculator

Some cities are required to upgrade to meet new code.  Find out what it should cost. 

  • Based on equipment type
  • Based on local elevator codes

Elevator Company Finder

Find the best company to service, repair, or modernize your  equipment type, in your area, and at the best price. 

  • Based on the work you need (repair, service, modernization)
  • Based on your equipment
  • Based on the service you're looking for
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