38 Sample Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Sample Elevator Maintenance Contracts

Access to 38 sample elevator maintenance contracts. A simple guide built to help you customize your next elevator contract.  Our elevator calculators are designed to help you quickly evaluate the cost of elevator projects.  For example, the elevator maintenance cost calculator (button below) was created to help you analyze and compare the monthly cost for elevator service in your building.

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Where do we get the data for our calculators?  We get our data from many different sources. However, some information we use is already available to the public. So we thought it was best to share some of that data with you. 

At ElevatorLab it’s common for people to ask for a sample elevator maintenance contract, and we’re always willing to help.  Since it seemed to help others, we decided to create this post.   Hopefully, this post will help you too.

Government Contracts

If you’re reading this post, you already realize the need for customization in your elevator maintenance contract.  You understand that signing a contract created by your elevator company may not be the best choice. The US Government realizes it.

In 1978 the Comptroller General of The United States of America wrote a detailed report to Congress outlining the need for increased competition for elevator maintenance services.  Today almost all government elevator maintenance contracts are customized.

The US Government may not have the best contracts available, but they certainly understand important elevator details and create competitive bid situations. The contracts they use are better than the majority of contracts signed today.  We hope you can use these samples to pick and choose the best terms for your building’s elevator maintenance contract.

If you prefer an expert handles your custom contract, you can get a free quote from ElevatorLab here

Here are 38 Sample Elevator Maintenance Contracts

From Oahu, Hawaii to Winnebago, Illinois, from one to hundreds of elevators, and from just hundreds of dollars to multi-million dollar contracts.  The variety below was picked to give you a range of information for different situations. Each link below will open in a new tab, so you can easily compare contracts and keep this list open.   Questions? Feel free to chat with us, comment below,  or contact us here.  ​

  1. City of Galveston, TX – 43 Pages
  2. Sourcewell (formerly National Joint Powers Alliance) – 20 Pages
  3. City of Austin, TX – 167 Pages
  4. Erie County, NY – 50 Pages
  5. State of Ohio – 9 Pages
  6. State of Michigan – 125 Pages
  7. City and County of Denver, CO – 96 Pages
  8. City of Glendale, AZ – 9 Pages
  9. Winnebago County, IL – 19 Pages
  10. Toronto Parking Authority, Canada – 4 Pages
  11. Brunswick County, NC – 6 Pages
  12. City of Fort Lauderdale, FL – 44 Pages
  13. State of Tennessee – 29 Pages
  14. Scott County School Board, VA – 6 Pages
  15. Grant County Facilities, WA – 31 Pages
  16. City of Round Rock, Texas – 15 Pages
  17. City of Springfield, MO – 35 Pages
  18. Miami-Dade County, FL – 119 Pages
  19. Loudoun County, VA – 38 Pages
  20. City of Lynchburg, VA – 24 Pages
  21. The Hawaii Community Development Authority, HI – 36 Pages
  22. US General Services Administration – 22 Pages
  23. Teton County, WY – 11 Pages
  24. FAA Great Lakes Region – 5 Pages
  25. Superior Courts, Washington D.C.  – 35 Pages
  26. National Gallery of Canada – 42 Pages
  27. County of Prince George, VA – 19 Pages
  28. Kansas City Housing Authority, KS – 11 Pages
  29. Union County, NC – 19 Pages
  30. City of Fort Collins, CO – 26 pages
  31. Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs, CO – 51 Pages
  32. Arizona State University, AZ – 61 Pages
  33. County of Merced, CA – 32 Pages
  34. City of Chico, CA – 20 Pages
  35. The State University of New York (SUNY) – 37 Pages
  36. Convention Center – New Orleans, LA – 36 Pages
  37. Bowling Green State University, OH – 69 Pages
  38. City of Savannah, GA – 20 Pages
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