8 Reasons You Need a Custom Elevator Maintenance Contract

Custom Elevator Maintenance Contract

Elevator maintenance contracts should be custom and they should favor you, not your elevator company. Check if you need a custom contract. ​

Many building owners and managers with elevators in their buildings choose to sign a standard elevator service contract created by the elevator company. They assume that the contract is the one used across the industry and that there’s nothing in it that they won’t agree with in the long run. 

Unfortunately, signing the same elevator maintenance contract that is used by everyone else carries many disadvantages that can decrease overall effectiveness and prevent you from getting what you needed. 

Have you considered the benefits of choosing a custom elevator maintenance contract instead of one created by your installer?

Let’s review:

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1. The Contract Created by the Elevator Company will Favor the Elevator Company

Your elevator company did a great job installing your elevator. You got an elevator that was designed perfectly for your building, and you assume that your maintenance contract will offer the same level of service you got from your installers. 

​Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

All too often, the elevator company’s contract is designed to favor the elevator company.

2.  Not All Elevator Equipment is the Same

Your elevator isn’t identical to anyone else’s elevator. Not only that, not all elevator equipment is in the same condition. Even if you have a standard elevator installation, your elevator was designed specifically for your building, and it sees different types of users based on who is in your building and the kind of traffic you see regularly. 

An apartment building used by seniors may see very different elevator use than an apartment building filled with young families–and considerably different use than an elevator used in a department store. 

You want a contract that will focus on maintaining the elevator you have, not one that fits a set of standard guidelines or a company’s assumptions about how it will work.

3.  You Need a Higher Level of Service

When you build a custom contract you can increase the odds that your elevator will get the service it needs. Does your elevator, for example, need to receive more regular maintenance? Does it see a higher level of traffic than most elevators, or is your building in a unique geographic area where weather could play a role in your elevator’s use and problems? Does your elevator see unique use or use that may cause it to wear down faster–or, conversely, does it only rarely see use? When you have a custom contract written just for you, you can ensure that your elevator maintenance is based on your needs, not on an arbitrary set of guidelines. 

Not only can this make it easier to include specific upgrades to your services, but you can also shape your maintenance requirements based on how often the elevator is used, not just on how often they assume it will be used by your residents, guests, or customers.

4.  You Need Protection From Extended Delays 

If your building has just one elevator, a failure can cripple your business or prevent you from getting home.  Why should you have the same contract as a building with multiple elevators? How can you make sure you get priority service when you need it?

​You don’t want an elevator that is down just as often as it is usable. Fortunately, a custom elevator maintenance contract will ensure that you get priority maintenance on your elevator, not the same level that is offered by a standard contract with most companies. 

5.   You Need Multiple Bids for Repair and Upgrade Quotes

Over the term of an elevator contract, you may upgrade the equipment to improve reliability and safety.  However, you want the flexibility to award the upgrades to the best bidder instead of being locked into doing upgrades at a premium price with your service company.   ​

6.  You Shouldn’t Pay If It’s Not Your Fault

You’ve just had your elevator serviced, but it’s broken again. An elevator company may charge for another visit to your site, or they might insist that the cost of the repairs is your responsibility–even when clearly, they didn’t take care of things the way they should have while they were in the building. 

Unfortunately, once you sign the contract, you’ll have a hard time fighting for the service you deserve.

7.  You Don’t Want Inconvenient Maintenance Hours

You have stairs that will allow people in your building to get up and down in the event of an emergency, but that doesn’t mean anyone in the building wants to use them. Unfortunately, working with an elevator company means that you may end up with a standard, union maintenance schedule. 

​This can be very inconvenient on many levels! Not only will you find that the maintenance workers will end up in your building at the least convenient time, shutting the elevator down when it’s needed for clients or residents to access other floors of the building, but if your elevator does stop working, you may need to wait far too long for someone to come out and get it running again.

8.  You Need to Prevent Ongoing Issues With Your Elevator   

When you sign a standard maintenance contact with your elevator company, you probably assume that they will take care of any problems that arise with your elevator. Unfortunately, sometimes, they’ll apply a band-aid to the problem without taking steps to fix it–and that leaves you and the others who use your building regularly frustrated with ongoing issues with the elevator.

​In your custom contract, on the other hand, you can include stipulations for handling potential ongoing problems–and often, those stipulations will offer the company additional incentive to keep up with proper maintenance on your elevator. ​



Instead of signing a standard contract created by your service provider, consider using a custom elevator maintenance contract created by a third party. Not only will you be able to prevent some of those common problems, but you can also predict some of the issues that come along with standard elevator maintenance contracts–which increases the odds that you’ll be able to avoid them.

Get A Custom Elevator Contract

Are you tired of being just another elevator in the crowd?  Do you want a custom elevator maintenance contract that will focus on the specific needs of your elevator, not just checking a box on safety inspections and other necessary maintenance? 

If you’re ready to work with a company that will design an elevator maintenance contract just for you, contact us today to learn more about the services we offer. 

Do you have experience with elevator contracts?  Do you wish particular language was removed before you signed?  Comment below and share with us.

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