Elevator Door Lock Monitoring – Tips and Tricks Before You Buy

The update to NYC elevator code appendix k and the required Elevator Door Lock Monitoring System are incredibly crucial to public safety.  The upgrade helps prevent fatal failures and improve overall safety for passengers. 

Almost 50,000 elevators in New York City will need to upgrade.  The change could mean a costly elevator upgrade for your building.  As a building manager or condo owner, you may be looking for information to guide you through this large purchase.  This complicated upgrade is difficult to understand and a few tips could save you money. 

How do you get the most value? What questions should you ask your elevator provider?  What information is helpful to negotiate a better deal? Is your proposal competitive?

In this post, we will cover information to help determine if you’re getting a fair deal, along with a few other tactics to keep in mind.  Before we start, make sure you check out our free cost calculator to estimate the upgrade at your building. 

Here are four tips to help you maximize savings on your Elevator Door Lock Monitoring upgrade. 

Elevator Door Lock Monitoring

1. Do You Have a Blanket Proposal?

You don’t want to pay for all the bells and whistles that you don’t need.

With nearly 50,000 elevators in New York City that need upgraded, elevator providers need to get proposals out the door ASAP.  How will they handle the volume? Well, they may create a blanket proposal with all possible costs included.  In this case, they may have included costs not required in your building. 

As mentioned in my previous post on Cost to Install an Elevator Door Lock Monitoring System, without the need for a new traveling cable, your price may cut in half. 

The blanket proposal you received may be priced twice as high as it should be. Make sure to ask your provider if they surveyed and if the proposal includes a traveling cable.  

NYC Elevator Door Code

2. What is Excluded?

This item is a reverse strategy from the above.  The proposal excludes a traveling cable. However, what if you need one?

A blanket proposal would include the door lock monitoring system, but the language in the agreement would say something like “Traveling cable is not included.  An additional proposal will come if needed.”  

The problem is, they would already have you hooked, and they could charge the additional work at whatever price they want. Make sure you ask for exclusions and other costs.

​They might be inclined to offer a better price for the traveling cable and other items before you’re locked in. 

nyc elevator door lock monitor

3. What Model Elevator Door Lock Monitoring System?

Do other models of Elevator Door Lock Monitoring Systems exist?  Are some less expensive than others? Yes and Yes. 

Most elevator maintenance companies do not manufacture the door lock monitoring system.  They purchase the unit from vendors that specialize in this type of equipment.

The technology of this system has been around for decades and multiple elevator suppliers offer this product for different prices.  By using door lock monitoring models that fit inside the controller panel, you remove additional labor costs to pipe and wire to the controller.   The door lock monitoring product you choose could reduce both labor and material costs, which could impact the overall price. 

One model may require just enough wires to force a new traveling cable.  Another model might not require a new traveling cable. The difference in price could be over $10,000.

​ Make sure you ask which model they are purchasing. 

Door Lock Monitor NYC Code

4. Seek Other Bids

There’s not much to say about getting other bids.  Competition helps reduce cost.

Make sure you keep the bids “apples to apples.”  Make sure they all either include or exclude the traveling cable and make sure they all bid the same model Elevator Door Lock Monitoring System.

Although this list doesn’t include every single strategy under the sun, we hope the above four tips help get you started.  

If you need additional help, feel free to contact us.

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