Cost to Install Elevator Traveling Cable and When It’s Needed

Cost to Install Elevator Traveling Cable

Do you have a proposal that includes an elevator traveling cable? Are you wondering why it’s so expensive? 

Maybe your local jurisdiction is requiring a safety upgrade. Perhaps you’re enhancing security with card readers and surveillance cameras.  There are unlimited elevator upgrades available.

Elevator work is already expensive, and the cost of an elevator upgrade can double or triple if a new traveling cable is required.  What is an elevator traveling cable?  Why do I need it?  Why is it so expensive?

This guide will help you understand what it is, why it’s required, and how much it will cost.  

​What is an Elevator Traveling Cable?

​An elevator traveling cable is the communication and power link between the elevator cab and the elevator controller, located in the machine room.  The cable is in constant motion and travels and flexes with the elevator.   

If you press a button or use the emergency phone, all power and signals transmit through the traveling cable.  

Elevator Traveling Cable

Why is an Elevator Traveling Cable Required?

A new card reader will communicate from the elevator cab to the elevator controller.  A new surveillance camera will send the video data out of the elevator. 

​New elevator code upgrades, NYC’s Elevator Door Lock Monitoring System – for example, will need to communicate from the elevator door to the elevator controller.   

Each system requires transmission of data through wires.  Each system may require different wiring and a different number of wires.  

If these wires are not already available, you will need to install a new elevator traveling cable. 

How Much Does an Elevator Traveling Cable Cost?

​The cost will depend on the number of floors served, where it connects, and the type of wire required.  Although each elevator is different, it can cost $10,000 to $15,000 to install a new elevator traveling cable.   

We don’t expect this information to be used as a firm number.  Each different elevator and elevator type can drastically change the overall price of a new traveling cable.  However, we hope this information gives you a broad understanding and leads to smarter elevator budgets and decisions. 

If you’re interested in cost specific to your elevator, try our Free Elevator Repair & Upgrade Cost Calculator. 

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