How to Cancel Your Elevator Maintenance Contract

How To Cancel An Elevator Maintenance Contract

Are you wondering how to cancel your elevator maintenance contract? Are you wondering if it’s possible? This guide was built for you.

Let’s get started.

Your Simple Guide to Cancel an Elevator Maintenance Contract

Here’s how to cancel your elevator maintenance contract:

  1. Check The End Date Of The Contract

    Find the exact date when the contract ends. Mark the date on your calendar to remind yourself to take action. Alternatively, you can use our free elevator contract tracker to get an email, and letter in the mail, with directions of how to cancel and advanced notification.

  2. Check For Contract Auto-Renewal Language

    Sometimes the end date of the contract is too late. Many elevator agreements include auto-renewal clauses which start a new term 60 to 90 days before the end date of the contract. If your contract has an auto-renewal clause, make sure that date is marked on your calendar. Alternatively, our contract tracker tool (mentioned in step 1) will check the exact auto-renewal date for you.

  3. Check The Elevator Maintenance Agreement Termination Language

    If you’re midway through the contract term, you still have options to cancel. Your elevator maintenance contract should have a termination provision for changes in the building. Building changes may include low occupancy, new ownership, new building management, or other items specific to your building type. Check if you meet any of the provisions.

  4. Check For Non-Performance Language

    If you’re midway through the term (item 2 above), and you don’t meet building change provisions (item 3 above), you still have options to cancel. Your maintenance contract should have cancellation terms for non-performance. Check your agreement for non-performance language and see if your elevator company failed to perform.

  5. Secure Another Elevator Company

    Before sending your current elevator company termination notice, make sure you have another company ready to take over. Collect multiple bids to validate a fair price. You can use our elevator maintenance cost calculator to check the market price of elevator maintenance in your town.

  6. Find The Termination Letter Instructions

    Some elevator contracts include specific directions for sending termination notice. For example, an elevator contract will require termination letters delivered by certified mail to a specific address. Sometimes sending an email isn’t enough.

  7. Send The Elevator Contract Termination Letter

    First, prepare a termination letter that references the guidelines you are following in the agreement. Then, ttate the date of termination and thank them for the previous service.  Finally, deliver the letter according to the instructions (step 6).


There you have it. A simple step-by-step process to cancel your elevator service agreement.

Why are you canceling? Comment below.

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