7 Compelling Benefits of Hiring an Elevator Consultant

7 Compelling Benefits of Hiring an Elevator Consultant

Find out how working with an Elevator Consultant can save you time, money and resources while achieving maximum elevator results. 

Maintaining safe and reliable elevators and escalators are vitally important for building managers. Their constant, year-round usage for facilitating movement within a building make their proper management a critical task.

Complexities buried in elevator contracts allow for small details to change costs significantly, which makes management difficult.  

While each scenario will differ, many times, adequate management includes working with an elevator consultant. To explain, let’s examine 7 compelling benefits of hiring an elevator consultant.

1. Save Time and Money with Installs, Upgrades, Repairs, and Maintenance:

Elevators and escalators are a significant expense for building managers. The cost to install, repair, upgrade, and maintain them must be optimally managed to avoid excessive spending. The problem is that building managers lack expertise with elevator installations, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance, putting them at risk of signing unfavorable contracts.

Partnering with an elevator consultant gives building managers the expertise and experience needed to navigate contracts with elevator/escalator services. Primarily, this works to save them time and money with elevator installs, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance.

Building managers can delegate strategic elevator development to a trusted elevator consulting service, to streamline the process of installation, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance. Their expertise and experience will help managers realize the optimal pricing, services, and products while ensuring safety and compliance are prioritized.

Considering the high price of elevator upgrades, installations, and service, the potential for savings with an optimal contract is significant. An unbiased elevator consultant will help building managers make informed decisions around contracts, saving them significant money in the short and long-term.

2. Compliance Adherence and Reduced Risk:

Considering elevators facilitate 18 million passenger trips each year, and newly installed elevators are projected to carry 20,000 people per year, it’s not hard to see why safety is a primary concern with elevator usage. The good news is that elevators are statistically very safe, causing relatively few deaths and injuries each year.

Even with elevators being relatively very safe, their functional design (using cables and automatic closing doors) makes their potential for danger significant. This potential danger and their usability for people with disabilities are why building managers must stay in compliance.

Specifically, elevators must be in compliance with ASME A17.1 and ADA regulations. While the adoption and enforcement of the former will vary depending on the state, county, and/or municipality, ADA compliance is mandated on a federal level to accommodate people with disabilities in public buildings.

Staying in compliance is something an elevator consultant can help building managers understand and accomplish. Their expertise and experience with the industry gives them the up-to-date knowledge of elevator and escalator code requirements needed to help building managers stay compliant. From contract adherence to preparing for inspections, hiring an elevator consultant will ensure compliance is optimally maintained.

3. Unbiased Assessment of Needs and Service Partnerships:

With over one million elevators in operation in the U.S., elevator service and maintenance is a huge industry. The challenge for building managers is to find the optimal elevator services to work with for short and long-term projects.

The quality of each service will vary, as will their competency and capabilities, making it vital for building managers to choose the right partnerships to stay compliant, save money, and ensure safety for their building’s elevator/escalator passengers.

Elevator consulting services will help building managers choose optimal partnerships for their specific needs. Their expertise and experience in the industry will give managers the insight and discernment needed to pick quality elevator service partnerships. And, importantly, their unbiased position will ensure sincere assessments are made with holistic elevator needs.

4. Stay Focused on Core Business Objectives:

Hiring an elevator consultant helps building managers stay on track with their core business objectives. Instead of spending an excessive amount of time managing elevator projects, managers can simply delegate this task to trusted expertise. This will save them time and ensure that elevator projects are optimally accomplished.

While building managers will still make the final decisions and have oversight over projects, the details and strategic development of elevator projects can be delegated to a trusted elevator consulting service. This will save managers the time of having to gain expertise with the complexities of the elevator installation, design, maintenance, compliance, and usage.

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5. Stay Current with Industry Trends:

Hiring an elevator consultant gives building managers access to key insights and knowledge concerning current and future elevator trends. For instance, they can help managers stay up-to-date with smart elevator designs and future compliance regulations.

Considering the rapid pace of technological innovation, this is an essential benefit for managers. To serve their clients better, elevator consultants have their fingers on the pulse of new elevator trends and innovations; this gives building managers an inside-track with emerging best-practices and products within the elevator and escalator industry.

6. Strategic Partnership for Short and Long-Term Growth:

The complexities involved in the elevator/escalator industry will only increase in the future, as technological innovations integrate with elevator designs and functionality. Having the unbiased service of an elevator consultant will help building managers optimally navigate these future changes.

Essentially, hiring an elevator consultant is a strategic partnership for short and long-term growth. Their expertise, experience, pre-existing vendor relationships, industry insights, tools, and overall capabilities will help building managers make fundamentally sound choices with elevator/escalator upgrades and maintenance projects.

7. High ROI:

After all is said and done, hiring an elevator consultant brings a high ROI. From optimizing contracts to ensuring quality products are being used, elevator consultants will help building managers save money and time. They’ll also help managers stay compliant to avoid fines, lawsuits, and other negative consequences from elevator/escalator service failures.

Essentially, hiring a quality elevator consulting service will pay for itself in many different ways. Considering the high costs associated with elevator installations, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance, the potential to save money with sound decisions is significant.

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Elevators and escalators power the modern world; their use in both commercial and residential buildings are vital for facilitating the streamlined movement of people and goods within the building. This essential role makes their continuity and safety a priority for building managers and owners.

Hiring an elevator consultant gives building managers the expertise, experience, tools, insights, and connections needed to optimally manage their elevators and escalators in the short and long-term. With their help, managers will save time and money, stay in compliance, choose optimal service partnerships, gain insight for strategic development, and ensure safety and continuity with elevator usage.

The benefits of hiring an elevator consultant far outweigh the benefits of building managers doing it themselves. Even if building managers have the time, their lack of expertise and experience can result in lost opportunities, compliance risks, and unfavorable contracts. The key to realizing these benefits is to find a quality elevator consultant with the capabilities needed. If interested in learning how ElevatorLab can help, please contact us today.

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