About Us

ElevatorLab was created with one goal: build an easy to use online solution to take the stress out of elevators. We’re on a mission to help people deal with the complex, and often confusing, intricacies of elevator contracts.

After thousands of elevator projects, we learned a few important lessons...

Elevator contracts are complicated.

Picking the best contract for your building, your project, or your long term service can be a difficult task.  

Missing details can be costly.

Paying high fees, getting locked into a contract, dealing with extended delays, or unexpected bills are all outcomes of missed details in elevator contracts. 

Even just a little help can reduce costs.

Minor adjustments to elevator contracts can have profound long term effects – both negative or positive for your building.   ElevatorLab will make sure adjustments are made in your favor, to help you reduce cost. 

We offer help with elevator contracts of any size.

Service Locations

We offer most services virtually, allowing us to support clients all over the world. We provide on-site services to all 50 states in the USA.

Find out how we can help you.

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