on-demand elevator consulting services

We help people all over the USA save time and money on elevator projects.  We can help you do the same. 

ElevatorLab Will Help You Eliminate:

Paying High Prices

Unexpected Fees

Bad Vendors

Schedule Delays

Code Citations

Poor Contracts

And much more…

“There is no greater win for our building than identifying and eliminating cost and risk while making the correct decision long term. Especially when it comes to something as critical as our elevators. The results speak for themselves; our partnership with ElevatorLab reduced costs and gave us confidence for ongoing elevator reliability and compliance.”

Roman R.

Head of nyc surgery center

Elevator consulting services for:

Contract Detail

Find, compare, and remove poor contract language.

Cost Control

Identify, plan, and eliminate costs in elevator contracts. 


Pinpoint elevator reliability issues. Reduce failure. 

Popular free Tools

Free tools to help with your next elevator project.  

Elevator maintenance Contract Builder

Build a custom elevator maintenance contact, tailored to your building. 

elevator company

Find elevator companies and quickly host and collect three elevator bids. 

Elevator maintenance Cost calculator

Calculate the true cost for your building’s elevator maintenance contract.


As your Elevator Consultant, ElevatorLab works to get you the best solution for your next elevator project – at the best price, with the best vendor, and best contract terms.  So you can get back to doing what you love.

No. ElevatorLab does not install, repair, or service elevators.  ElevatorLab eliminates hassle and makes it easy for you to find the best elevator company to fit your project’s needs.

From buildings with one elevator to buildings with one hundred elevators, we offer service for any project size. 

Get Expert Elevator Help

Reduce cost, time, and hassle.  Make you next elevator decision with confidence. 

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